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in accordance with Christ's Great Commission, is that every man, woman and child hear the preaching of the Gospel. They will be given an opportunity to receive salvation through Jesus Christ by accepting Him as Lord and personal Savior. In every way possible, we shall equip the saints with the knowledge of The Word of God, hence they will grow up into Christ, rooted and grounded in His love, fully knowing and living in the covenant rights that have been established for them through Jesus Christ. With this knowledge, they shall experience an intimate and active relationship with God their Father that will vitally affect their daily lives. It shall not only produce within them joy and strength, but shall birth in them the true heart of Christ, a committed bond servant. Thus, having the heart of Christ, they shall rise up as powerful Body of believers, full of courage and tenacity, impacting the world around them...

Senior Pastor
Dennis Diaz

Pastor Dennis Diaz is a true testimony of God’s restorative power. Growing up locally, in Oxnard, he was seen by many as the least likely of people to lead a fruitful life. But because of the power of God’s Word his life was transformed completely. He now lives to bring others to the same saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and leading them to know the covenant relationship we can have with Him. Pastor Dennis has been serving Love International for over 35 years. He is the father of four children and 12 grandchildren.

Lydia Taylor


The early years of Apostle Lydia’s ministry were spent on the streets of Oxnard and Santa Paula. Countless drug addicts, abused, homeless and neglected members of the community were reached by the love of Christ. She began teaching bible studies in 1976. Her fruitful ministry flourished and the bible studies soon grew into a congregation. By 1981, the church was established. Though she is now the apostle of a diverse and growing church, her heart remains with the lost and broken with whom she initially began her ministry. It is the heart of God in her to reach the lost and hurting and to prepare the present and future church to go forth in the anointing that breaks the strongholds of bondage.

Associate Pastor
Cissy Gonzales


Assistant Pastor
Alberto Luna
Pastor Spanish Service


Assistant Pastor
Michael Silva
Pastor Spanish Service


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